More enquiries - and from clients who already trust you.

Checkaprofessional is a safe and informative place to find professional services. Members benefit from the simple search facility that leads to new enquiries for their business.

Our search links you to new clients in your area

Find the people looking for businesses like yours. Every day potential clients search our website for services in their area, generating new enquiries for our members.

Why the marketing is unique

A different quality of client.

When people contact you through Checkaprofessional they trust you already. Having read your profile page and client feedback, they are already warm to your service. Cut out the timewasters and random contacts by receiving genuine, committed enquiries from our website users.

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Making it less daunting for the public to use your service

People often find it difficult to employ services that they have not used before, not knowing where to start. Checkaprofessional bridges the gap with a straightforward search facility and informative pages on each member. It provides you with a platform to explain your service clearly, to reassure potential clients that you don’t bite and to help them to get in touch.

Receive more enquiries for your business.

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Let your clients do your marketing for you.

Positive feedback from genuine clients is powerful. It convinces new clients that you are honest and trustworthy, while providing them with an appreciation of the services that you provide.

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Recommendation after recommendation

We publish feedback comments and scores from your clients when you join Checkaprofessional. This builds up into an impressive collection of testimonials for your business. When people find your page as they search for services, they will be able to read the recommendations from your previous clients.

What else Checkaprofessional do to support your business

We help you to gather client feedback.

As a Checkaprofessional member, your clients can submit their feedback through a feedback card that we provide, or here on this website. If you want to remind a client to send in their feedback, then one click on this website
and we will follow that up for you.

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Your portfolio page

As well as the client feedback, your profile page on Checkaprofessional allows you to describe your business, your accreditations and awards, and your contact details. It gives clients a one-page snapshot of your business. As a member, you can customise your profile page by writing your own descriptions and adding photos to create a welcoming portfolio.

Download a report on your business

At the click of a button, clients can download a one-page report about your business from your profile page. It shows your scores and qualifications, your details and latest feedback. The report is a tool to show that you are professional, trustworthy and transparent – many of our members print them off for clients or link to them from their own websites.

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Receive more enquiries for your business.

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Helping reputable businesses to succeed.

Not every business gets through our vetting procedure or agrees to be transparent. The ones that do join are honest and reliable, making it our pleasure to help our members to succeed.

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Dedicated member support

Our member services team are on the end of the phone or an email whenever you need them, offering advice and support. They also offer live online help. We will notify you by text or email whenever your new feedback comes through.

More questions about joining Checkaprofessional
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Useful resources

Checkaprofessional members can get free resources to turn their membership into a marketing feature: including stickers and cards, and widgets to go on their own websites. We also provide a handy database of your clients, the work you have done for them, and their feedback – useful information as you build your business.

Dealing with negative feedback

Because no one is immune to flaming, we take every precaution to ensure that feedback posted on our website is true and fair. Feedback is moderated, and we will talk to you about low scores before they are published, giving you a chance to rectify any mistake.

The Checkaprofessional community

When you join Checkaprofessional you join a community of professionals who work at an equally high standard. All of our members get access to the Members Area, where discussion forums and our news stream keep you abreast of the latest issues, resources and offers in your profession.

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Welcome to a unique community of successful businesses.

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See the difference your membership is making.

Apart from the phone ringing with new enquiries, you will want to know what difference Checkaprofessional makes to your business. We are happy to show you.

Website effectiveness statistics

Through our website you can keep an eye on how many times you are being found in user searches. You can also see how many hits your profile page is getting, and follow the trends in your user feedback.

Meet our Clients

Using client feedback for your own development.

Verified, detailed feedback from clients is not just a marketing tool. Our members find that, coming through a third party, it helps them to understand how their clients feel about their work. It gives you encouragement about what you are doing well, and shows you any areas where you could improve your service.

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Find out what Checkaprofessional could do for your specific business.

Still not sure if Checkaprofessional would work for your business? We are happy to answer your questions. Call us on 0333 0146 190 to talk to a membership adviser or get in touch with us online.

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