Help and Support

How Checkaprofessional works

To become Checkaprofessional members, businesses must complete a vetting procedure, agree to be monitored through client feedback, agree to keep the Checkaprofessional standard, and pay for membership.

Monitoring works by members giving report cards to their clients and customers. They fill them out with feedback and return them to Checkaprofessional to be published on the website.

Members receive a web page on for their company profile, contact details and client feedback. This page appears in free public searches on our website, leading to new client enquiries.

Members benefit from other Checkaprofessional marketing, as well as access to resources and support in the Members Area of the website and via the Member Services team.


How members are vetted

To pass the vetting procedure applicants must provide the following:

  • Proof of qualifications for their profession
  • Proof of insurance required for their profession
  • Proof of address, normally 2 utility bills
  • Proof of identification, normally a driver’s license or passport
  • Tax reference code, as proof that they are registered with HM Revenue & Customs for tax purposes.
  • References, four from clients or customers, two from other professionals such as their accountant

In addition, Checkaprofessional performs a credit check on each new applicant company. New applicants are required to sign and agree to the Checkaprofessional Code of Ethics and Conduct.


How members are monitored

Members are monitored by their customers and clients. Each client fills out a Reputation Report card after using the service or buying the product of one of our members. They rate the service and write a comment. Clients then return the card free of charge to Checkaprofessional. Providing the feedback is fair, we publish it on our website.

This means that when the public find a professional listed on our website, they can read verified, recent, unbiased and detailed feedback about the professional’s work.

We do not publish client details along with their feedback.


Reputation Report cards

Checkaprofessional supplies its members with postage paid Reputation Report cards to give to their clients. Alternatively, clients may fill out the cards online.

Reputation Report cards invite the client to give comments and scores in five different areas of service. This feedback is published on the Checkaprofessional website. Clients’ details are not published with the feedback.

By handing a Reputation Report card to a customer or client at the enquiry stage, members give them confidence. It tells them that the member is accountable for the work they do. The client knows that there is an additional avenue for complaint should the need arise, giving confidence to employ the member for professional services.

The more cards that a member gives out, the more scores and feedback he or she will receive. On clients in part choose professionals based on the number of recommendations they have. More cards usually mean more enquiries.

In addition, scores and comments are an encouragement to a member’s business. They feel proud when clients give them praise. Members can also use this feedback to improve their service.


How we keep the feedback fair

Checkaprofessional does not publish anonymous feedback.

We verify the feedback submitted via the Reputation Report cards to make sure that it is authentic. Feedback is only published when a service or transaction has been completed and paid for.

Members keep track of the feedback that is being submitted for them on the website and by text and email notifications.


Handling complaints

Checkaprofessional do not publish low scores or negative feedback without contacting the member concerned first. In the event of a client submitting seriously negative feedback, they are asked to complete a Client Comment Form to provide further details. This activates our complaints procedure, overseen by one of our experienced member services staff, who will contact the member to discuss their options. Where members have joined through a professional scheme provider or institute, we may also consult them for guidance about the issues concerned.

The options for a member in the complaints procedure are:

  • Contact the client to address the situation, thus voiding the original negative feedback. The client will instead submit a new Reputation Report card.
  • Submit his or her side of the story, to be published alongside the client’s complaint on the website.
  • Do nothing, allowing the negative feedback to be published on the website after 21 days.

Our Complaints Process

Our Complaints Process

The Checkaprofessional standard

Checkaprofessional members agree to the following standard:

  • Keep all client details confidential
  • Where applicable provide Client Engagement Letter
  • Provide a list of Fees
  • Keep clients updated on progression of work undertaken or immediately if significant change
  • Keep clients notified of any new costs or expenses that alter from the original agreement
  • Be honest
  • Be realistic with reference to time required to complete work, start dates and duration
  • Return all phone messages promptly
  • Keep all appointments; if unable to do so, inform clients within an adequate timescale
  • Inform enquiries if you are unable to accept them as clients and refer them back to to assist in finding an alternative
  • Be courteous and respectful

The company behind Checkaprofessional

Checkaprofessional is run by the award-winning Checkatrade, who started a list of vetted and monitored tradespeople in 1998. Checkatrade has become a household name in the UK, known as the place to go to find a reliable and trustworthy tradesperson. The Checkatrade website receives over 600,000 unique visitors each month, and lists over 11,000 companies.

As Checkatrade has grown it has become clear that the public want a similar list for professional services. Checkaprofessional presents clients with the most trustworthy professionals across countless areas of business. Checkatrade has brought its years of experience and unwavering high standards to the business arena, as a free service to clients and an unrivalled marketing strategy for professional companies.


Industries that are already regulated

Checkaprofessional is not a regulator. It is a means of proving your integrity and reliability to potential customers and clients. It provides clients with confidence and informed choice when selecting a professional service of any kind.

Many services that are regulated are nevertheless regarded with suspicion by clients. How do they know if they are going to be charged fairly or receive good service? Checkaprofessional gives them the information to choose confidently between trustworthy businesses.

A company may be fully qualified and accredited and yet still not be known by the market. Checkaprofessional presents your company to thousands of clients searching the web. When they find you, they can read about you, your client care, your values, and what your previous clients have said. Checkaprofessional bridges the trust gap between you and new clients.


Checkaprofessional is not just advertising

Checkaprofessional is not a pay-to-add-name advertising platform. It is a means of establishing your reputation through genuine recommendation and word of mouth, amplified by promotion on this website and the Checkatrade group’s wider marketing.

Having provided and focused on client experience since 1998, we know that being able to provide an independent, third party report on your work is an invaluable marketing tool for any business.


Businesses that already have plenty of clients

The value of Checkaprofessional is not just in the new enquiries that it generates. After a while, members build up a collection of genuine, detailed, current client feedback. Positive client feedback is not only helpful for a company’s current marketing, but also for the development of the business.

If you are already highly successful, Checkaprofessional documents your success through satisfied client testimonials. Join Checkaprofessional to prove how successful you are, and to furnish your business with an invaluable marketing resource for the future.


How to join Checkaprofessional

On the sign up page, click on the Checkaprofessional application form to download it. It contains instructions about what supporting documents you need to send us. Fill out the form and email it to us with the supporting documents attached.

Alternatively, print off the application form, fill it out and post it back to us with the supporting documents enclosed.

For more information on joining Checkaprofessional call Membership Enquiries on 0333 0146 190. If you prefer us to call you, leave your details and we will phone you back.


Cost of membership

Checkaprofessional membership includes:

  • a company profile page on
  • unique profiles for up to 5 key people
  • marketing resources including unlimited Reputation Report cards
  • access to the support and resources in the members area
  • dedicated support from member services

Checkaprofessional membership costs are from as little as £5.75 per week.

If you have more than 5 key staff, colleagues or partners, further unique profiles can be created at an additional cost. Please contact our membership team on 0333 0146 190 for details.