Meet a few of our happy members.

All sorts of businesses find new clients through Checkaprofessional.

Steven Hanbury

“Quality of service”

We are an organisation that prides itself on its "quality of service" and deliver what a client want from us. Transparency is the key in business and there is no better way to promote our business than on Not only can you promote your organisation in a great light but also having the opportunity to network via their many different channels is truly fantastic. This will ultimately grow business and create many business relationships for years to come. Already we have created more business opportunities and let more companies know about our exhibitions.

Steven Hanbury, Managing Director,
Landlord Investment Show.
James O'Connell

“National marketing at a local price”

Checkaprofessional will revolutionise the purchasing of legal services, giving the consumer the advantage. It is national marketing at a local price – a year’s national exposure for the price of a laptop. Now you can afford to grow. If you are a modern legal practice you will be on

James O'Connell, Chief Executive,
Institute of Paralegals
Hayley Salkeld

“We see Checkaprofessional as an open door to our business”

Potential clients can view our professionalism and commitment to excellence and know that they will receive the best treatments and care.

Hayley Salkeld, Proprietor,
New London Salon
Tina Webb

“Independent customer feedback”

As a results-driven Marketing and Internet Marketing company we do everything we can to move our clients’ businesses forward and help them to achieve their goals. Being a member of supports this by giving our clients the opportunity to give independent customer feedback which is a very valuable feedback tool from which we can measure and improve our performance. Having seen how successful the Checkatrade business model is, we can see clearly how Checkaprofessional will work as a marketing and sales tool for our company.

Tina Webb, Managing Director,
Tri-Synergy Marketing
Timothy Becker

“Selecting the right legal professional for your needs and budget”

Whether you want  a barrister or solicitor, provides a much needed guide to selecting the right legal professional for your needs and budget.

Timothy Becker, Barrister & Mediator,
Ministry of Justice
Simon Roberts

“Valuable and effective tool for potential new clients”

Becoming a member of CheckaProfessional has been one of the best things we have done in terms of promoting our reputation. We regularly receive referrals from the website and are proud to showcase our feedback from our existing clients.

We find that potential new clients appreciate the transparency and honesty of the feedback that they can access before they even make contact with us. There is an element of trust right from the beginning and this allows us to build lasting relationships with our clients.

With the CheckaProfessional brand behind us we feel it gives us the edge over our competitors, and that can only be a good thing!

Having tried other forms of marketing for our business, CheckaProfessional has given us the best return for our money and we would recommend the service to anyone wanting to push their business forward.

Simon Roberts, Director,
Aztec Computers
Thomas McManners

“We didn’t expect it to be a mechanism for gaining new business”

We often have clients asking us if we could pass on the details of satisfied customers. I always felt that this may breach their confidentiality and it was a strange question, as you would always pass on the details of your happiest client. Checkaprofessional is a way we can say to prospective clients: 'see what our existing customers think – independently'.

We didn't expect it to be a mechanism for gaining new business per se, however, I am always pleasantly surprised when a new client tells us they saw us on the website and that they relied on the site's integrity as a  recommendation. The new clients we have gained easily outweigh the cost, although this wasn't our original aim.

We have our own internal quality control procedures, but these stop at the door. I often wondered, what do our clients really think of us? Now, I know. It does bring a smile to your face when you get another 10 out of 10. It helps us stay on our toes and consistently provide a good service.

Thomas McManners BSc ACA ACMI, Director,
Treetops Chartered Accountants

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More proof that the model works.

Here is a small selection of what long-time members say about their membership with our sister company Checkatrade

“Brings loads of business”

The service and brand is fantastic and brings loads of business.

Tony Chapman, member for over a year.

“I have not renewed my Yellow Pages”

Brilliant. It works so well that I have not renewed my Yellow Pages or Thompson Local adverts.

Barry Davis, member for over 2 years.

“we have used the services of others that you list”

… the services you provide are excellent. We are a company registered with you and we have used the services of other trades that you list.

Jean Saunders, member for over 6 years.

“a new age where more business is done online”

I've been a member now for almost a year and since I started getting more feedback and some images on my site I have been getting more calls. The source of my work has always been through recommendation and moving into a new age where more business is done online, now means I'm not being left behind. All my work is leaving customers feeling very happy and passing my number on to more people which in turn benefits you also … The reason I first joined was because I wanted more work in London as no one knew me there … that was a good move.

Steve Thompson, in his first year of membership.

“non-stop phone calls for work”

I just thought I would take a moment to write you a letter to say how fantastic I think the team and service is. Since joining I have just had non-stop phone calls for work. As I am young this is a major boost because people can now believe that I do a decent job and can see I am doing a decent job as well through photos and feedback.

Adam Mason, member for over a year

“this actually works”

I've tried many forms of advertising/partnerships over the years, but this actually works.

Austin Brown, member for over a year

“The return on investment is significant”

[I would like] to express my thanks and support for the philosophy and standards behind the business. I joined over 2 years ago with the view to the brand helping me grow my business … The return on investment is significant, and as a result I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to any business looking to grow.

Tony Chapman, member for over 2 years

“wished I had joined sooner”

Ever since joining work has been flooding in, I've even got bookings until next year! I ummed and aahed about joining … and now wished I had joined sooner.

Philip Whitehead, member for over a year

“a job within the first week paid for my membership”

The work I have had has been unbelievable. When I go out to the customer they know all about me due to checking me out on the website. As soon as I joined I had a job within the first week which paid for my membership.

Tom Stevens, member for over 2 years

“helping the customer to find someone they can trust”

We have been pleased so far, received work … and feel that we are also helping the customer to find someone they can trust.

Samantha Hodson, member for over 2 years

“brilliant … in enhancing one’s business reputation”

Whenever will feel it appropriate we enjoy letting other local tradespeople and businesses know just how brilliant Checkatrade is not just in terms of generating more work, but in enhancing one's business reputation. We look forward to renewing our membership with you this month and developing our business with your help.

Gary Lewis, member for over a year

“Business … has improved since I have been a member”

I must say I am impressed. Business is slow in these difficult times but it has certainly improved since I have been a member. I know you will keep up the good work.

Paddy Campbell, in his first year of membership

“makes me feel very proud”

[Membership] is going really well for me. I love reading people's comments - it makes me feel very proud.

Lucy Turner, member for over 3 years

“one of the best business moves I have ever made”

Just like to offer you a big *THANK YOU* for all the work I have received since becoming a member. I have to say it has been one of the best business moves I have ever made. My work has in increased by 99% and more. The more reviews I have the more work I seem to get! Well done to you all for your continued hard work. It pays off.

Fiona Campbell, member for over 2 years

“supporting me when I had difficult customers”

A big thanks to the Customer Services Team, for supporting me when I had difficult customers this year. It was a worry when I first joined, but I feel confident now that [they] are here to support me and provide help in these circumstances.

Peter Carusone, member for over 6 years

“Do not underestimate the power of the trust”

Joining was without doubt the best marketing decision I have made for my business. My customers will book me without question. Do not underestimate the power of the trust and confidence that customers have in Checkaprofessional members. Well done and thank you for helping me make my business a success.

Graeme Reece, member for over a year

“a great website”

Just felt that I had to respond and say THANK YOU – a great website – brilliant! I've only been a member for just over 6 months and I have received work from it. Customers feel much more confident when using you …

Karen McDougall, in her first year of membership

“the quality of your business helps our image to shine”

I have to say without doubt that our advertising success has been as a direct result of been a member … I currently subscribe to other internet advertising agencies as I do believe that it is important to get as much exposure as possible but most of our clients still say they have found us through Checkatrade. I have seen the effort you have put in over the years to make [it] successful and as a whole the quality of your business helps our image to shine.

Peter Vice, member for over 7 years

“the most customers with the lowest acquisition costs”

We monitor our marketing and advertising very carefully and to date Checkatrade has given us the most customers with the lowest acquisition costs, so much so that we have pulled out of some well known directories.

Sharon Johnstone, member for over 3 years

“an amazing way to show off my workmanship … with comments from all my customers”

I just want to express how happy I am with the service and with the amount of work that it has generated. 90% of my jobs have come from Checkatrade and the other 10% are referrals from original Checkatrade jobs. My business is now expanding, which I believe has been helped by advertising my work on Checkatrade. It really is an amazing way to show off my workmanship with photos and comments from all of my customers.

John Newland-Jenner, member for over a year

“convert more leads to quotes, and quotes to contracts”

The greatest benefit of our membership is that we are able to reassure customers of the quality of our service and results achieved by pointing them towards Checkatrade. It goes without saying that anyone joining up and putting the collection of customer referrals in 3rd party hands is pretty confident it will reflect well. I now have a bank of 140 customer referrals collated, controlled and published by Checkatrade, demonstrating that we consistently and reliably deliver a high quality service. I am confident that we are able to convert more leads to quotes, and quotes to contracts with the help of this tool.

Rob Douthwaite, member for over 2 years

“remarks from customers about how confident they feel”

We would like to say thank you for all the help Checkatrade has given us over the last year. We always get remarks from customers about how confident they feel when using a Checkatrade company!

Grant Munro, member for over a year

“our platform to stand above others”

… without doubt the most valuable tool in our box and our platform to stand above others – we value it and are very, very proud of it. We check our feedback and monitor our page as much if not more, than our bank account. Checkatrade stands alone in what it does and offers.

Karen Bourne, member for over 4 years

“we are well represented, advertised and valued”

The trust that the customer needs has already been met by the service before they contact us. We feel that this allows the customer to be open and honest about what they are looking for and any concerns that they may have. I spent some time looking at my feedback and where we could focus on improving as a business. The beauty of it is that it has been created by the standard of our business and the happiness of our customers. The members area has left me feeling that we are well represented, advertised and valued … It’s the first time in a long time that there is a service that benefits the customer and the member.

Trevor Bourne, member for over 4 years

“We like the fact that membership is not exclusive”

An invaluable support … Not only as a business tool providing new enquiries but also supplying the customer feedback that is so necessary for the continued sound growth of any reputable company. Our customers enjoy the assurance of the standard of service they can expect from [us] and the benefit of being able to report on our performance. We like the fact that membership is not exclusive allowing us to be truly measured against our competitors.

Roy Smith, member for over 7 years

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