Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a free website to help clients to find professional services that they can trust. It helps you to make a more informed choice.

When the directory of services is live, you will be able to search for a service in a particular area. As well as a company profile and client feedback for each business, you’ll find their contact details so that you can get in touch with them directly.

If you want to research a professional service you are thinking of using by phone, or to find one when you do not have Internet access, call our Client Helpline on 0333 0146 190.

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How can I get the best results from your listings?

Our search facility will find the service you need in your area. This will show up a list of businesses that work in your area, even if their addresses are not local.

Our stringent vetting and transparent monitoring system ensures that every business is recommended and will give a good service to a high standard. You can find details and reports of their past work by clicking on their names. As every client’s requirements is different, only you know what you are looking for. The reports will highlight how each business has performed in different areas of the service they provide.

It might be their area of expertise, quality of service, availability, or disposition that helps you choose between them. Whichever business you contact, you are choosing between high quality, trustworthy and transparent businesses.

If you would like any further help, call our Client Helpline on 0333 0146 190.


When will I be able to search on Checkaprofessional

Checkaprofessional is currently taking applications for membership from professional companies all over the country. We will be able to make the directory publicly available in the first quarter of 2012.


Who are your members?

Our members are professional businesses who:

  • Have passed our stringent vetting process
  • Agree to be monitored through published client feedback
  • Agree to keep the Checkaprofessional standard

How do you vet applicants?

Checkaprofessional is no substitute for industry qualifications and accreditations. Membership of Checkaprofessional indicates a voluntary submission from companies to our high standards on top of their professional qualifications.

When a business applies for membership, we ask them for proof of qualifications and insurance required for their industry. We require proof that they are registered to pay tax. We conduct identity and address checks and take multiple references from their clients or customers and from other professionals.

Some businesses do not make it through our vetting procedure and are therefore not eligible for membership and are not listed on our website. Those businesses that do pass the vetting process have the non-confidential results of the vetting published on their profile pages.


What is the Checkaprofessional standard?

Each of our member companies has agreed to the following standard:

  • Keep all client details confidential
  • Where applicable provide Client Engagement Letter
  • Provide a list of Fees
  • Keep clients updated on progression of work undertaken or immediately if significant change
  • Keep clients notified of any new costs or expenses that alter from the original agreement
  • Be honest
  • Be realistic with reference to time required to complete work, start dates and duration
  • Return all phone messages promptly
  • Keep all appointments; if unable to do so, inform clients within an adequate timescale
  • Inform enquiries if you are unable to accept them as clients and refer them back to to assist in finding an alternative
  • Be courteous and respectful

How do you monitor companies?

Members are monitored by their customers or clients. Each client fills out a Reputation Report card after using the service or buying the product of one of our members. They rate the service and write a comment. Clients then return the card free of charge to Checkaprofessional. We publish it on our website.

This means that when you find a professional listed on our website, you can read real, recent, unbiased and detailed feedback about the their work.

On our website, clients remain anonymous. We do not publish client details along with their feedback.


What if they do a bad job?

We publish feedback both good and bad about our members. If when you fill out a Reputation Report card your feedback is strongly negative, we will send you a complaint form. Your completed complaint form triggers our complaints process.

Where you are happy for us to contact the member involved we raise issues of concern directly with them, encouraging them to reply and give the matter urgent attention. If the member puts right the issues of concern, you will be able to submit a new Reputation Reward Card based on the rectified work.

If the member does not contact you or put right the issues of concern, your original negative feedback will be published against their name on our website. All client feedback remains anonymous on our site.


How do I submit feedback?

You will receive a Reputation Report card directly from the Checkaprofessional member whose services you use. Simply fill it out and return the postage-paid card to us.

If a member forgets to give you a Reputation Report card you can contact us by email or telephone 0800 808 9033 and we will send you one.

Alternatively, submit your feedback online.

Please note: we can only accept Reputation Report cards for professional services that are members of Checkaprofessional, which you have paid for services or products.


Who is behind Checkaprofessional?

Checkaprofessional is run by the award-winning Checkatrade, who started a list of vetted and monitored tradespeople in 1998. Checkatrade has become a household name in the UK, known as the place to go to find a reliable and trustworthy tradesperson. The Checkatrade website receives over 250,000 unique visitors each month, and lists over 6,000 companies.

As Checkatrade has grown it has become clear that the public want a similar list for professional services. Checkaprofessional presents clients with the most trustworthy professionals across countless areas of business. Checkatrade has brought its years of experience and unwavering high standards to the business arena, as a free service to consumers and an unrivalled marketing strategy for professional companies.