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269 Farnborough Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7LY
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Farnborough, Camberley, London, Farnham, Fleet, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire
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Based in Farnborough, Hampshire, we focus on providing a first class service to owner managed businesses. Our clients are spread throughout the UK and in many countries around the world.

Wherever you are, our service is at hand. We are constantly assisting clients in different ways. So, we can also help you to:

  • start up your business, right from the idea, including forming your company
  • set up or readjust your accounting procedures, so you know what is going on
  • prepare a business plan, cash-flow and profit projections for you and the bank
  • pay no more tax than you have to
  • control your business performance, month by month, year by year
  • run your payroll or help you run it
  • ensure that all your tax returns (VAT, Payroll, Corporation Tax, Personal Tax) are completed and submitted on time
  • prepare your year end statutory financial statement
  • grow your business profitably
  • reorganise your firm if things are not going too well
  • deal with your company secretarial responsibilities
  • deal with IR35, CIS and related tax issues

Here is an Independent review undertaken by which quite nicely captures the ethos behind our business.

We cannot speak highly enough of this accountancy practice. A member of our team jokingly adapted a tv advertising slogan: "Carlsberg don't do accounts, but if they did ... they'd probably do it something like this!"

This is certainly a practice which in no way fits the normal perception of accountants. If you're expecting a stuffed shirted, formal, humourless, jargon loaded approach as often portrayed on television, forget it! There are over 20 variously qualified members of staff at Treetops, all specialising in their own fields, and it seems they all dress informally. They have a similarly relaxed approach to their dealings with their clients and you'll find no accountancy-speak jargon here.

The atmosphere in any business is generated from the top, and the Director of Treetops, Tom McManners, exemplifies the laid-back attitude of his team. Here is a remarkably highly qualified accountant - count the diplomas - yet when you meet him in his office he's likely to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt! Rather than talk jargon at you, he's apt to just draw simple diagrams which you'll easily understand. Every client is treated very much as an individual. Furthermore, Treetops has produced its own guide to business taxation which is simple to understand and available to all clients.

Do not be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere though! Backstage, this practice is a smoothly oiled and efficient machine which, once in possession of all relevant facts, goes to work to ensure all your tax affairs are dealt with expeditiously. Whether you're just embarking on self-employment or have an established business, Treetops is an ideal choice of accountant, the advice is sound and their rates are incredibly competitive.


  • Person Name
    Mr Tom McManners Director

Qualified to Undertake

  • Accountants
  • Accountants (chartered & certified)
  • Accountants in Taxation
  • Audit
  • Bookkeepers
  • Financial Services
  • Tax Returns
  • VAT Returns


  • ICAEW - The Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • The Society of Professional Accountants

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Chartered Accountants membership number 7812449

Confirmed that Treetops are Members of the Society of Professional Accountants

Treetops are members of The Buy with Confidence Scheme. 

Company Information

Limited Company: Registered as TTCA Ltd.
No. 4377065
VAT Registered: No. 78 6747 757
Public Liability Insurance: Awaiting Renewal Insured by: AXA Coverage Amount (£): 2,000,000
Professional Indemnity: N/A Insured by: N/A Coverage Amount (£): N/A


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  1. Tax Return

    Zak did a good job especially with some tricky split-country earnings over the year
    Client in Dunmow, 1 May 2018
    @ Verified By Email
    Overall Score 10
  2. Company and Personal Account

    Straightforward and easy to deal with at a reasonable price.
    Client in Godalming, 10 April 2018
    @ Verified By Email
    Overall Score 8.2
  3. Tax Return

    Excellent, personable and efficient.
    Client in Brighton, 6 March 2018
    Overall Score 10
  4. Self Assessment

    I would recommend this company.
    Client in Surrey, 6 March 2018
    Overall Score 10
  5. Self Assessment Tax Return

    I would recommend this company.
    Client in Bramsgrove, 6 March 2018
    Overall Score 10
  6. Accoounts

    Very good and pleasant. Helpful.
    Client in Aldershot, 2 March 2018
    Overall Score 10
  7. Annual Accounts an Tax Return

    Amazing, seriously impressed with them. Top Notch!!
    Client in Alton, 27 February 2018
    Overall Score 9.6
  8. Acounts

    Overall excellent service and value
    Client in Camberley, 25 February 2018
    @ Verified By Email
    Overall Score 9.6
  9. Personal Tax Return

    I would recommend this company.
    Client in Farnham, 25 January 2018
    @ Verified By Email
    Overall Score 10
  10. Accounts

    I would recommend this company.
    Client in Corfe Castle, 21 January 2018
    @ Verified By Email
    Overall Score 10

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