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Member since: August 2006


Mallards House, 31 Pullman Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1XY
Locations Covered
West Sussex, Hampshire, London, Surrey
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  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Surveying and Property


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Limited Company: Registration no. 4905368
VAT Registered: No
Public Liability Insurance: N/A Insured by: Coverage Amount (£):
Professional Indemnity: Awaiting Renewal Insured by: RSA Coverage Amount (£): 250,000


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These references were checked by Checkaprofessional when Flat Focus Management joined in August 2006.

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Total recommendations:
6 reports, average score 9.5
Last six months: 0 reports
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  1. Ongoing flat management.

    I would recommend them.
    Customer in Guildford, 28 July 2008
    Overall Score 10
  2. Management of Lansdown for 8 purpose built flats for the over 50's.

    Since engaging Flat Focus, we have found Paul Martin to be a most pleasant and helpful manager. He is efficient and responds quickly to phone calls at all times. I would recommend them.
    Customer in Guildford, 1 December 2007
    Overall Score 10
  3. Management of flats

    Flat focus have only recently taken over the management of the flats but so far so good. I am happy to recommend them to others.
    Customer in Guildford, 26 March 2007
    Overall Score 8.7
  4. Property management.

    I would recommend them.
    Customer in Godalming, 22 March 2007
    Overall Score 9.7
  5. Residents company formation & associated services.

    We have been very impressed with Flat Focus's willingness to help up even though they haven't been paid yet. I would recommend them.
    Customer in Kingston, 1 March 2007
    Overall Score 10
  6. Sorting out Stralton Court management group Guildford.

    He is a polite, pleasant man who works hard.
    Customer in Guildford, 27 February 2007
    Overall Score 9

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